What is Quality??

What is quality? Where do you have to start to buy quality grillz? What does it even mean to have quality grillz?

To save your time, and to put simply, it is detail, thickness, and afterservice.

Have you ever gotten a grillz before? Have you ever felt like your grillz are not "healthy" or as if it is being factory pressed under some machine? Not all teeth are shaped the same way and some even might have a missing tooth or permanent retainers in the back of your teeth. Some are easier to grip and some short angled teeth are required to do more teeth for better and comfortable fitting. This can only be told after actually being seen of your teeth in person. That is why mrbling is the only place that does not advocate molds from other states and this helps maintain quality for already existing customers in the local area and to speed up the making process . Also this is why Mrbling makes all grillz by HAND.

We understood some teeth should have fillings between the teeth or it should be made more thicker in the back for an altogether stronger grill. That is why the thickness of the grillz is not the same all around the teeth as if it is pressed under a machine or to save gold. The price of the grillz is not determined by what color it is, but what karat of gold it holds and what difficulty of design it is. We tell our customers aiming for the best gold in hand the same 14kt gold in dental gold which does not tarnish and will be much easier to take care of. But if it does not meet the the person's budget, we do not force the expensive gold and will gladly tell the customer it is okay as long as you take good care of it and that we can clean the tarnish for you. This also applies to the quality of diamonds. We will offer you a cheaper price for lower quality diamonds and more expensive for the higher quality diamonds. Diamonds are not the same diamonds altogether.

Even if there was a problem with the grillz, the most exciting part of being part of the Mrbling family, is that we can still take care of your grill after purchase. If you think your grill is tarnished or it is a bit uncomfortable at some spot feel free to take it back to our shop for care. Cleaning is at most $3 or lot of the time is free depending on its condition. To be honest we cannot bring back a grill into shape that has been run over or cut off for whatever your environmental reasons. But for Mrbling products ONLY, we will not give you credit for how much gold the piece is worth, but a better credit price for your new grillz, and your next grillz, and your friend's grillz.

Now if you feel more confident about purchasing your next grillz, be a smarter consumer and ask your jeweler about these questions.

-Mrbling, your local grillz maker-